Friday, April 04, 2008


Sorry about the red face. You always get a red face from red pasta sauce and when I wear sweaters.

You are such a sweet snuggly little boy! I love you so much! I can't believe you are 18 months. I know it went fast with Averie, but you grew faster than fast. I am amazed at how you know so much. You are also very good at saying words and talking to us. You can do somersaults and go down the stairs using your feet. You love pushing the mower and you love your baths. You also love your blanket and Bob. You eat everything and anything we give you, 99% of it at least. You don't like egg salad and things of that texture. But you love veggies, fruit, sweets, are easy to please! I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. And how I felt like it took forever to count down those last few weeks. But now you're here and have been here for 18 months, yet it feels like you've always been here! You are also almost done nursing. You don't really request if often and I have only offering it to you when I'm uncomfortable. I hate to say it but you are growing up right before our eyes! Keep that smile on your face and keep the hugs and kisses are very loved, please always remember that sweet butta boy! HUGS and KISSES always! Love, Your mama

I also wanted to say so I don't forget, you have quite a temper. You are very aware and throw fits when things don't go your way. Today was one of those days while we were shopping. But you calmed yourself down just fine after 20+ minutes and 20+ stares from strangers!!! Oh well, I have patience for that and just let you do your thing, and you did! :o) LOVE YOU.

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