Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Easter at Grandma's house. This was a last minute pic so the kiddies are exhausted!

Cheese-ing for the camera!

Sitting on the step at church after a long morning of breakfast, egg hunt and church service. We went straight home for lunch and nap, then went to Grandma's after daddy got home from work. The pics above are from Grandma's.

Smiley-silly pic!

Jenny and Bronsen stopped by for a visit! Averie LOVES baby Bronsen. It has been the only time she smiles regularly without a cheese or silliness...when baby Bronsen is in the pic.

We had an egg-cellent (haha) Easter. Full of good food, great company and tons of fun! Some day though it will be warm on Easter so we can hunt for eggs outside. I remember warm Easters when I was a kid, in short sleeve dresses and sandals... maybe someday for my kids!

This week was full of visitors and excitement! Rece and Carmine (Tonia, Annie and Brandon too) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and a little visit to them Thursday to say bye. Jett and Jayde (and Shawna) Tuesday and Wednesday and Bronsen (and Jenny) Thursday. Visit/playtime Monday, Bounce House & Lunch Tuesday, Playtime/Girls' dinner out Wednesday, Target Thursday. Today, Friday has actually been busy too, but we have been in our house all day. We had preschool after breakfast(we talked about I and J and made a place mat so Averie knows where to put her dishes, silverware and cup when she eats. I organized/cleaned all day and got up-do-date on several things that needed organized, cleaned, paid and looked at! So, I feel pretty good. I just need to get a few things in the check book and a shower and I'll be set! But it's getting very late...Baylor will be up anytime, so I'll go for now...more pictures soon!

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Michelle said...

so cute! baylor in a tie...LOL! is that jenny's baby in the last pic?

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