Monday, March 10, 2008


Birthday morning age 1 - age 2 - and age 3. I can't believe the change!
Averie and her Doodlebop cake - Aves and Baylor - Averie and Mama
The cake - Averie and her new bed - Averie at Chuck E. Cheese

Happy Birthday Averie Jean! It is so hard to believe you are about 20 minutes to be exact! I can remember all the details of your birth, the prep, how the sun was shining through the blinds in the surgery room (I told myself to remember that moment), how the Dr.'s were busy getting things ready and my Dr. was so calm and sweet (just like she always is). How you have grown, and how you are so smart! I sometimes can still look at you and see that little baby girl with the spiky hair, chubby cheeks and beautiful full lips! Everything about you is so sweet and wonderful these days! You are smart and learning many new things and are so eager to learn. You are curious and don't want to miss a thing either! I love how you are a tad rough, yet mothering with your brother because it shows your spunky-sweet side and how you still love to be rocked and cuddled and loved on! I hope you have a very special day today and you enjoy being three. We love you so much-more every day! XOXOXOX (more Bday pics to come, 3 year old princess is still sleeping).


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy birthday sweetheart!
Love, Grandma

Tonia said...

Happy Birthday Averie!!! We will call you a little later after nap time.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Aves! Sorry Aunt Shawna couldn't make it to CC. I have a belly ache. I have a present for you though and I'll bring it on Friday when baby Jett comes to visit. Love you!

annie said...

Happy birthday...i hope you got my message today!!! woo hoo your 3, what a big girl you have become!

Sharpemom said...

Happy Birthday Averie! We have something for you the next time we get together....hopefully it will be soon. Have a great day.
Janet, Taylor, Emma & Ella

Andrew and Joseph said...

Happy Birthday Averie! Sorry it's late, mommy had to work yesterday! Hope you had a great day! Love Ya!

Chasity said...

Happy Birthday Averie!! I know we're alittle late, but Happy Birthday anyhow!!

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