Saturday, December 01, 2007


Our tree! We decided to try and start a new family tradition. We put our tree up on Thanksgiving. I liked it. I is a tad earlier than we usually do it; however, we are all home and will most likely be home on Thanksgiving during the morning watching the parade, etc. So, we took advantage of the free time!

The kids tonight watching the snow fall! The first of the season! :o) Too bad I doubt it'll be here in the am when Averie gets up to look for it!

Decorating our little trees in the front window.

And sporting our new Skidpants. They are so cute! I had to have the tie dye especially! They are also longer than the babylegs that we usually sport...and Averie's legs are longer than the babylegs. So, we'll see how these go!

Still decorating!

It has been so hard to keep up with this blog! At least all of the details going on around here. Everything has been great. We are loving the excitement of Christmas time. Especially with Averie being so aware of everything. She wants to experience everything! I know Baylor will just go with the flow! Averie is into a lot these days. She is into "shopping" with her cart. She makes sure Baylor has a push toy so he can follow her around. She is also into asking why for everything. And after everything you say. And she knows she is being silly about it too! It is funny. She also has to have us watch her do everything! It's always "Mama! Watch, watch me!" For everything! It is neat to see her be such a little lady! I don't even want to think of her turning three. Averie is also very independent about dressing herself and picking out her daily "play" clothes. I am still in charge of the going out in "public" clothes! She is also obsessed with choo choo trains and the pony at Target. We have been visiting it for a while now. At least she doesn't or hasn't figured out that you can buy it yet!!! I'm not looking forward to those days! ;o) As for Baylor. He is amazing. He is pretty much talking. How can I describe it...I can communicate with him no problem. Between his signing and few words...he can tell me what he wants. He also has an amazing capacity to understand. Just today I asked him (after his diaper change) what he wanted to do before his nap. He looked at me and signed milk. He also says so many words. He tries to copy everything. He knows what off and on mean. And is figuring out how to say up when he wants up. He is walking all over the place and loves to walk. He almost always is carrying a tool from his tool bench or a food item from Averie's kitchen (which makes me so excited for him to get his own kitchen...only a few weeks to go). He still mostly takes two naps, although some days when he has a 2 hour am nap, he just talks in his bed for 1 1/5 hours in the afternoon. So, I know the days of two naps are limited. That will make us have to re arrange our entire day, naps, lunch and all. Not too excited about that. But the first of the year will be a great time to do that because Averie will be starting preschool then (home school). After the hustle and bustle and schedule re arranging, I will be homeschooling her for preschool. I am super excited about that. I haven't decided how many days, hours or what time of day or anything yet...but am going to start planning all that at the end of this month. She is going to be amazing, I just know it! As for us this holiday season...we'll be traveling to grandma and grandpa's 2 1/2 hours away in a couple of weeks and after that, we'll be having little gatherings around here! We also plan to go see Santa soon too! I will have posts of that, I am not so sure how Baylor will do. I think he'll be afraid! More posts to come!


Anonymous said...

Miss you guys! I am really looking forward to our "get-to-gether"! Thanks for the update, life is nuts isn't it. We used to be able to talk daily and now we have resorted to bi weekly emails and bi monthly dinner dates...hahahah! Smooches and tell Matt I said HOW BOUT THEM BUCKEYES YIPPIE!!!!!!!


Michelle said...

i was all excited about the tye dye leggings and then i found out that they were the thin ones. not that helpful for my lars. oh well, i will still try one of their other pairs to cover his long legs!
it was great talking to you and averie the other night!

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