Monday, September 24, 2007


A sneek peek... next Thursday...O.M.G.oodness

A new trick!

A favorite thing to

A new play yard! Baylor is still getting used to being in there without me! But he is getting better!

* * * * *
So, Baylor is so growing up. It's not fair! He is jabbering all the real words yet although he has said something that sounds like "drop" after he dropped something and I said drop...but that was only once... He is always "talking" on the phone (I swear, I am not always on the phone)...he talks on the remote "phone," the book "phone," it is so cute because everything is a phone. And I really think "hi" just might be his first real word...he is so close to saying it.

Baylor's eating is great. He eats anything and everything we offer him. He has yet to turn something down. Some of his favs are: cottage cheese, any pasta, all veggies (including lettuce, cabbage, lima name it), he even likes meats, chicken, ground turkey, stew beef and lunch meats. He still nurses 3-4 times a day, but has had some change this week in the duration of his nursing sessions. Like the lunch one yesterday was like 35 seconds we'll see if he drops his nursing times like Averie did...

We have a busy day next Thursday and Saturday...the bday and the bday party! Can't wait...gotta go plan!!!

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