Friday, May 18, 2007


Here is Daddy adjusting Averie's float!

Here I am doing the same!

Daddy sending Averie to me.

Averie going to the float after swimming (hence the name swim-float-swim)!

Relaxing and warming up in the "little pool" after lessons!

Only one more day today (Friday) and she is done until refreshers. We are a little bummed b/c she ended up enjoying it so much. We might have to go back next week a day or two just for fun. We'll see. Anyways, it is so amazing to watch her with her skills. She is going to be quite the little fish in our pool this year! Which is the weather cooperates will be sooner than later! :o) More later! We will probably be so busy this weekend...hopefully I'll get to post Sunday evening!

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Kim, Andrew and Joseph said...

Hot momma in a bathing suit! You look great Beth!

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