Monday, May 07, 2007


Here is Baylor on Friday! The official 7 month birthday! He is so funny about things. He loves textures-ie-my hair, the tissue paper on the Dr. office table, newspaper, his terry cloth changing table cover, his diaper, he also grabs his "boy" parts now, he grabs and touches everything! He is also a squirmer. He loves his comb (see pic) to chew on and any kind of lid. :o) Silly sweet boy!

He also got another trim to even out his bangs since the want to lay flat instead of go to the side.

Yes, that is a comb in my mouth!

* * * * * * * * * *

Averie at my friend's house. We went up to her house an hour and a half away on Saturday. We went shopping and hung out at her house a little bit. Enough time for Averie to find her cat and play with him and to put rocks in her tulips. We had a great time!! Baylor was there too, I just didn't take a pic of him (it was daddy's weekend to work)!

She loved the flowers!

One more week of swimming! It has been a long four weeks. Well starts week four. Averie is doing great! She loves going now and doesn't cry one bit. She goes and "waits our turn." She is just getting down the sequence and keeping her head down but eyes up so she can swim through the water. Once swimming is done it'll be time to open our pool! I know Averie and Baylor will love that!

We also started a new project...the laundry room! We are getting a water and energy saving washer and dryer and pulling out the old cabinets and etc. Can't wait for it to be done! I don't have a washer or drying right now. It's a little hectic! We are going tonight to purchase them! :o)

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