Monday, January 22, 2007


Just some goofy pics we took this weekend!

We had a good weekend, even though daddy had to work. We spent time with grandma and grandpa and pretty much stayed in with the exception of church on Sunday morning! The only plans we have this week are a trip to the mall with Aunt Shawna and baby Jett. And lunch with G.G. and grandma! So, it should be a quiet week. I am really wanting to take Averie to story time at one of the two libraries close by, but we haven't been able to make it just yet. Maybe tomorrow, we'll see! Since the weather has actually been winter-like we just don't like to go out as much. It can't be fun for the kids to get all bundled up and carted around in the freezing temps. So, we'll stick to less trips and more play-time at home! For now! We get out occasionally. It will be a much needed trip to the mall this week though, Averie has decided to grow since before Christmas so anything 18 months is too small. She can wear 18-24 months stuff, but I will only be buying her 2T shirts from now on. They are big, but in a good way! And she has plenty of pants. She needs long sleeve and short sleeve (I can layer the short sleeve) shirts! She got a few things for Christmas, but a lot was the wrong size and stuff. So, I have a lot of store credits to spend. And a couple gift cards. So, it shouldn't be an expensive mall outing, just productive!!! I also found some adorable tennis shoes for Averie at Gap which I will be trying and hopefully buying! Gap also has really cute play clothes for summer. I won't be buying them just yet, but have my eye on their comfy shorts and leggings and ribbed tank tops! I also do like the Converse® All Star® hi-top sneekers! Super cute! So, we'll see what I end up buying this week. Maybe we'll do a fashion show! That's all I have for now...more later this week. If we'd get more than .9" of snow, we'd be able to make a snowman for you. Hopefully before winter is over!!!

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Mother of Two said...

Hello, Beth!

I am a mother of two as well! I am blog surfing to find mothers to contribute to a new e-magazine that I am developing called Mother to Mother. Go to for details. We are always looking for new articles, photos, product testers, etc. Averie and Baylor are adorable. My kids are 6 and 2 - both boys!

Served Averie fresh milk for 1 year, 2 months and 5 days! Served Baylor fresh milk for 1 year, 6 months, 1 week and 5 days! Served Colbie fresh milk for 1 year, 3 months exactly!