Saturday, January 13, 2007

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Averie playing on the play equipment at an indoor playground place! She loved it and was great about staying on the smaller stuff while I fed Baylor! She was a great at climbing the plank walk and going down that slide...while I was within her reach! In the next pic, you can see how big some of the stuff was! Not really her speed! But she did good! And thankfully it was not so busy (this place opens up every Monday and Friday for an hour in the morning and lets kids play for free)! We had a great time!

There were other playsets even bigger than this one. It will be fun for her in a couple of years for sure. A great place to come in the winter to get out energy!

The cool looking sky on the way to my mom's last week (I was stopped at a stop sign, don't worry people)! It was not snowing until I got to this point on the road. You could actually see the snow in the distance! It was cool!

The stroller arrived. So far, we love it! We took it up to the GAP Target...and have pushed it around the house! :o)

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