Thursday, December 27, 2012

merry Christmas

What a beautiful, wonderful day! We just love Christmas so much. Even though half of the kids were sick, it was still a fabulous holiday.

Christmas Eve was filled with prepping and sickness. Baylor and Colbie perked up a bit, but were still borderline sick. After daddy got home from work, we packed up and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for Christmas Eve dinner... yummy soup (bean), wraps, veggies, spinach dip, cheese & crackers, Hawaiian bread, cookies, bon bons, pretzel bites, so much deliciousness.

We ate like champs, then loaded up for church. It was a nice low-key, simple service. Not very crowded either. Once we returned to open gifts, the craziness began! Heehee! The kids loved everything about opening presents. Averie was elated to open the Brave movie and Merida doll... Baylor loved his John Deere tractor set. Colbie fell asleep half way through gifts, but she loved her fairies set and Minnie Mouse toy. D loved watching and taking it all in. He loved his snail mirror toy and Elmo book. After all the craziness, we packed up and headed home. That took a while. We were home by 10:45pm, just in time for Bay to get sick in the car. :o( Off to bed everyone went...

The next morning the kids slept in til about 8:15am. It was nice not having anywhere to be right away. They opened stocking stuff first - water bottles, toothbrushes, flossers, candy, markers, tape, high heels (Colbie), chewy toys (Demsey), and a few other items I'm forgetting. The favorite gifts were probably from Santa. Aves and Bay each got a DSi and case and two games! So super exciting!! Colbie got Averie's Leappad and two new games for it. Demsey got two ducky-banks, his name letters, a train set, and a few other cute things.

Even with all the sicknesses, we had a wonderful Christmas! GG's was next- for food and a few gifts. Bay and daddy stayed home. Thankfully he was feeling better by then. Appetites finally have returned almost a full week later. And it is 2013! Wow! Hoping for a very blessed and magical year!!

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