Thursday, April 28, 2011


Colbie, you are so big! These last 18 months have gone so fast. You are so funny, spunky and smart. I love you so much. You are so cute. Everyday I am so happy and excited to hear you in your crib and see you take on the day. You wake up every morning with giggles and smiles! It is my favorite part of the day. You love your ju-ju in the morning and O's. You are getting pretty good at using a spoon and a fork, but you prefer to use your hands if the utensils don't get you food fast enough. You love "ka-ka's" or graham crackers and ask for them every day, more than once a day. You also love "gurt" or yogurt. As far as eating goes, you eat anything and everything and just love food.

You really love snuggling pup in your bed and listen to Violet play sleeping music before you fall asleep. You are a mama's girl still but have really been enjoying daddy these days. You also have been loving on brother more. You say "bruhber" and "sissy" and love them both so much. You like to play with them and do what they do. You love coloring and carrying purses or bags and filling those bags with boys and odds and ends. You are so girly, you love putting on bracelets and trying on clothes and shoes. You also love outside time and carrying around rocks or "gackos" as you call them. You fill buckets with "gackos" and carry the buckets around. You also love riding on toys outside and are starting to get brave with slides and swings. I can't wait for more warm weather when you can really get out and play.

Colbie, I can't believe you are so big. I am sad you aren't my little baby anymore, but so excited to see you grow and change and become a little lady. I love you so much and treasure every moment with you. Xoxoxoxo. Mini photo shoot later today...I will try to post pics tonight.

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