Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ohhhhh me, OH my! Averie is 6. Well, that went fast. I love you Averie. You are so special to this family. You are independent, loving, smart and you are a good leader and initiator. You LOVE your sister and brother so much. You are reading well, writing well and doing all of the things a 6 year old should do! Right now, you love characters from Dora, Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. You haven't even seen your first movie, but you love to listen to stories about the characters from these movies. You love to take care of your sister, play with her and you love it when she wants you more than mama. You are a little mother hen. For your brother, you are his big sister. You take care of him and lead him with games and activities and ideas. He adores you...and you are great to him, most of the time! A little tough love is good sometimes, right?! So, for your 6th Bday, we are going to "Bounce," lunch with Gma and Gpa at Max and Ermas and then home to play games and do whatever you want! Saturday we are having family over for pizza and cake. It should be a wonderful, special day. I love you Averie and all that you are. You are very special and super sweet and I hope you always stay that way! XOXO

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