Thursday, October 28, 2010


How can this be? How did I go from trying to get pregnant for 8 months, to having a 1 year old. I am absolutely astonished that she is one. It makes me happy that she is becoming a big girl and is starting to really talk and communicate and be curious...but where is that newborn baby I get to snuggle on the couch after I nurse her? I am happy-sad.

Colbie, you are so big. You are so smart! You are saying "bye bye," "hi there," "uh oh," "all done," "diaper," "sock," "da da," "mmmm," and you copy so many other words and sounds. You sign - light, fan, more, all done and you are picking up new words/signs all the time. As far as getting around - you love to crawl. You get anywhere you want to go and love to crawl up our two stairs. You get so angry at me if I don't let you!! You pull up all the time and have stood independently a handful of times. If we stand you up and try to get you to walk while holding our hands you bend your knees because you don't want to stand. You just want to crawl! It is so silly. I can't wait to see you chow your cake on Saturday. I know you will love it and eat it all up! You are also my tiny girl. You have your 1 year check-up next week, but are so small, yet proportionate. Everyone we meet says how friendly you are (opposite or your sister, she was shy and sober). You are smiley and friendly and outgoing. You are also feisty when it comes to diaper changes and me dressing you, socks and hats. You really want to be on the go! I love you sweet girl and can't believe you are SO big. XOXO sweet girl.


GrandmaP said...

Happy 1st birthday Colbie! I love you!

Michelle said...

Wow, that year went fast! Happy birthday big girl! I'm glad you got your shirt. Tell mama I can't wait to see more pictures of you in it=)

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