Sunday, August 29, 2010


She was all ready! We went shopping together and she chose her outfit. She had been counting down the days!

Baylor is excited to start preschool.

Sweet girl.

So happy!

At their work area doing an ABC activity.

Far left is the kitchen area. Behind that is a cabinet with quiet activities, pillows and books for a quiet reading area (the tent/house). To the right is a car and block area (you can see the rug) and in the front is the market. Each area of this porch and of the house (I've completely organized all shelves, cabinets and rooms in the house) is labeled with a shape (you can see the red rectangle in the reading area). And by their desks I have a schedule for each of them so they know where to go when. That way I am also planning ahead. They love me "telling" them what "area" to go to next, and I love the structure.

Calendar and Circle time (this starts at 9am). We have an "idea box" we share ideas about the day and talk about the week, do the weather, day, month and year. And we also have a story.

Baylor uses Dot Paints for his lessons. They are cute and fun and short. I used the same book with Averie. They make many different ones but we love the ABC one.

I used a few different Kindergarten websites for Averie's lesson plans. She does work at the table from 9:30am (after circle time) until 10:30am (snack time). This activity was actually an ad from my Parents Magazine I had ripped out and saved.

** So the kids get up at 7:30am, have breakfast and then do simple chores (they put away their laundry, take the recycling to the mud room, straighten up their room, I think of something simple. Then at 8:30am, they check their schedule and do one of the 4 areas on the porch (a different one each day) until 9am (I am feeding Colbie, cleaning up from breakfast, drying/folding laundry etc.). Once 9am rolls around it is circle time. Colbie hangs out with us, or goes in her saucer or play yard. That goes until 9:30am. At 9:30am they head to the table for their planned activities (math, science, abc, writing, art), we usually have time for two (at least I plan for two). At 10:30am we clean up and (I choose a helper for the day during circle time, obviously it rotates) my helper serves snack. By now Colbie is napping (10-12) and we go outside or downstairs (we have a mini enclosed trampoline and toys down there too) to play for 30 minutes. At 11am the have a short activity (they check their schedule). At 11:30am we make lunch (my helper helps!) and eat at 12pm. After lunch it is blanket time (which means they lay a blanket out in the family room and get a few toys out to play with) and play yard time for Colbie. I clean up and at 1pm they do an activity (check schedule). 1:30pm is "book time." They each pick a book and we read (before naps/rest). On the way back to nap/rest we put away the laundry, brush teeth, potty, etc. and at 2pm Baylor naps (2-4) and Averie gets free art time in the craft room (aka the guest room, aka the scrapbooking room) until 2:30, then she rests until 3pm. Colbie naps at 2:15/2:30 until 4:15. At 3pm Averie gets up and we our reading lesson and writing lesson or workbooks until 4pm. And that is considered the end of our day. Baylor wakes up at 4pm and Colbie after that as well. That's our school day! We do this schedule Monday - Thursday. Friday is our field trip, errand, "fun" day. We might do a pottery wheel, go to the library, zoo, etc. So far everything is going great! I hope she loves school 6 weeks from now... :o)

Here are some silly pics from last weekend!

Sweet kids.

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