Saturday, November 07, 2009


All 3 posers! Baylor's first time holding Colbie.

Sweet girl after a bath. All wrapped up!

So... this might be a long post or a short post. It depends on how long little one sleeps! ;o)

Well, I cannot believe that Colbie is here. But at the same time, the delivery seems like it was weeks ago. I am totally in love with Colbie, as well as her brother and sister. They can't get enough of her, especially Averie. As far as the delivery goes, it was very uneventful. We got there right at 6am, got hooked up, an IV, they monitored "c" (the hb was going up and down from about 145 to about 165). I talked to the anesthesiologist, he was very friendly and calm. I liked that. Everything stayed on schedule. We wheeled back right at 7:57am. After I had to chug the alka-selzer. YUCK. In the delivery room, I got my spinal (which took at least 15 minutes because of my curved spine). They before long my butt was numb and my Dr. was cutting. Matt came in shortly after. I love the whole birth experience. I know it is far from "natural" but it is so amazing. I can feel the shifting of the baby and hear the Dr.'s working. The baby must have been a little wedged because my Dr. got the head out just fine and said, "There's the dark hair!!" And then started to say "IT'S A..." and then stopped because the baby wasn't actually coming out yet. Matt thought something was wrong, but I could feel that the baby hadn't "popped" out yet. And a few seconds later baby came out, crying and gurgling, they suctioned baby and said "IT'S A... (pause because her legs were blocking the "goods")... GIRL!!!" We were so elated. And she was born the same time as her big sister. They brought her by my left side and she was instantly a Colbie! Something about her little, purple, wrinkly, wet body. Ha ha! So she went to the little room beside me and Matt went and took her pictures and got to see her. After a few minutes I called him over to show me the pictures, I thought her forehead look like a little monkey forehead (in a good way!). And she cried and cried and really kept making a lot of noise... she never really stopped even in recovery! She nursed for a bit in recovery and as soon as we were settled, A and B came in and met their sister. They found out she was a girl because we put a pink hat on her. After they checked her out grandma and grandpa and GG came in and met her. After I got some pain medicine and my feet could move, we rolled to our room. The kids actually were only allowed to visit that first day because the next day (that Thursday) the hospital had a new rule starting (no visitors under age 18). It all worked out fine because I came home Friday afternoon so we were only apart for a day.

Now that we are home (and have been for a week), things are falling into place. Colbie is on an amazing schedule (a flexible one). She slept well the first night, waking for a couple feedings. She also had a little bit of a difficult time settling back into her night time sleep... but nothing a little jiggling and rocking couldn't fix. Even now, when she gets worked up, she has a very loud angry cry! It's so cute! She has been eating pretty regularly at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm, 2am, 5am and then again at 8am. Obviously we adjust to her needs if she wakes up earlier, but after she eats we give her a diaper and keep her awake for a bit (as best as we can keep her awake...). She usually has some awake time after each feeding. After she is awake for a bit and she seems sleepy or starts to get fussy, we swaddle her and put her down for her nap! It has worked well so far and she seems to be a good napper. It sometimes takes her 20-25 minutes to fall into a deep sleep, but she sleeps for a good hour to hour and a half after that. Then wakes up to eat and does it all over again! :o)

So... I guess that covers our day to day routine right now. Matt has been back to work for a few days, but my mom has been helping. Not sure how I will manage my time once I am officially on my own, but we will figure it out!!

We had a photo session today with Aunt Shawna, I will post those pics next week once she gets them edited and back to us. It was so much fun! :o)

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BuckeyeBundle said...

AW! Love to hear how everything is going! I've been thinking about you all! Can't wait to meet precious Colbie! hugs and kisses to you all!!!

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