Sunday, October 04, 2009


3 years!

2 years!

1 year!

Just born!

Oh my goodness. Baylor, you are three! Wow how time has gone so fast. You are the sweetest boy. You love your sister, blanket, duck and Octy. You love playing cars, tractors, trucks and really with anything that has wheels! You also love outside time and are great at riding your bike with training wheels. You are into finding acorns and rocks. When we go places that are outside (parks, the apple orchard, camping) you always carry a stick around. When daddy is working around the house (as soon as he gets a tool out) you are his little side kick. You love building and hammering and fixing things. You also have a wonderful vocabulary. You speak extremely well for your age and have for a year now. You can count to 21, you know your ABC's and can recognize many letters. You enjoy preschool and art projects. You are finally potty trained! Yay! You regressed for quite a while over the summer, but are going strong now. You have had a few accidents, but are even dry most naps. I love thinking about how you will be with a new baby around. I think you will be a great big brother! You may start off a little shy, but I think you will settle into your place as a big brother. Well, Baylor, I love you so much. Every time we have a conversation and you speak your little mind, I smile. I just love your enthusiasm and the way you look at everything so positively. You make me so happy to be your mama, I love you big boy!!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Baylor!!!!!!!!

Grandma Pam said...

Happy 3rd birthday Baylor! I love you so much!

Andrew, Joseph and Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Baylor!!!!!

BuckeyeBundle said...

Happy Birthday Baylor! Hope you had a terrific day!

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