Friday, August 14, 2009


Cedar Point - Camp Snoopy

Cedar Point - Camp Snoopy

Cedar Point - The Ferris Wheel

Cedar Point - On the Ferris Wheel (yikes... not my fav)

Cedar Point - Train Ride

Cedar Point - At night in the water & lights.

Soak City - Baylor LOVED the water slide!

Soak City - poor Averie's eyes were burning from being in the pool all day (but she is smiling!)

Pokagon State Park - Beach Day

Just this week - water and soap play. And yes, they are totally naked. And loving every minute of it!

Tonight - Averie in the bath with her bubble gum foamy shaping soap. It smells so good!

Baylor and the same soap in the same bath!

Dirty, dirty water... at least the kids came out clean!!

After bath we went outside hoping to see some lightening bugs... but it was still too light. So we picked tomatoes in our garden instead.

Baylor and a tomato.

Averie and a tomato.

The kids in front of the massive corn field.

We visited Kitsen and Bronsen this week. Bronsen was napping when we took this.
Baylor, Averie and Kitsen.

Tonia and Tierney visited last weekend.
Averie and Tierney.

A week or so ago...
Averie and her manicure.

Baylor and his manicure... he he.

Wow... I have been meaning to do that huge post for a while now! I got a new camera because my other one was done working... and going on vacay at the end of July, then having bible school...

Bible School at our church - Camp E.D.G.E.

and having outside time, pool time, play time... it has been a busy-busy summer! It isn't getting any slower really. August has allowed me to organize the kids rooms and bring up some baby things... but I want to keep organizing and stay that way. Which is difficult when you are constantly coming and going. Matt's schedule is about to get a little better (he has been done with crazy busy hours, but still doesn't have a "regular" schedule, hopefully within the next 2 weeks). Just in time for flu shot season (which means chaotic days for him at work). I just hope that everything settles by October. As of now, September is not super crazy... other than me having ob visits every 2 weeks and Baylor having his 3 year check-up. We will also have to do some shopping for Baylor's Birthday. I am sure it will just fly by. Officially 10 weeks 3 days til baby day. I can remember being 9 weeks away with Baylor... and he is almost 3. WOW. I am getting excited to meet baby 3. The kids are too. They love to talk to the baby and I think are so used to it being inside me that when the day gets super close they will have a hard time believing it! But, they know that once Baylor is 3 it is very close to baby day. I am so excited to see their reaction. Since my surgery is at 8am, I expect that they won't get to the hospital until we are in recovery, possibly until we are in a room, which will work out good as long as they don't take the baby right away. I remember them wanting to take Averie like as soon as we got in our room. And I didn't like that. I will have to figure out if that is really necessary and if Matt can go along to bring the baby back ASAP. I am sure it will all work out. Ok, so this post took me like 2 hours to complete and it is now almost 12am. I am off to bed! Night!

UMM, YEA... after I typed all of that about September, I realized that there is a U of M home game EVERY Saturday in September. So... September will be busier than I realized, because if Matt isn't at a game he will be at work. So... pretty much we will have some appointments, shopping days, football games, playdates a Birthday or two or four... and then a newborn and a 4.5 year old and a 3 year old. Exciting but wild. Good thing I still feel super energized and not sick anymore... that needs to keep up for the next 10 weeks! Ok... good night for real this time! ;o)


Annie :) said...

love the update, the pictures are great. averie looks so grown up in the picture by the camp fire. looks like you have been busy busy busy!!!!!!! but having tons of fun!

BuckeyeBundle said...

Whew! Take a breath, what an update! Love all of the pics and am so happy that things are going so well for you guys! Can't wait for College Football...only a few more days!

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