Friday, July 03, 2009


Baylor and I had some time together this morning while Averie ran errands with Daddy. We decided to get out some paints. We started out with a brush and Baylor telling me he didn't want to paint with his feet or hands. Then I just let him do what his body and mind wanted him to do. Watching him was so amazing. He used the paint as paint and lotion and was just really into it. I didn't direct him at all, only gave him more paint when he wanted it. It was so fun and cute to watch him!

I did request some smiles here and there though!

And then we ended with a sink bath!


Michelle said...

he's a future art therapist! that was awesome. i love the way that you let your children explore and be children. it's truly a gift.

BuckeyeBundle said...

love it! I might need to take a page out of your book in another year though. I don't know if I could be that calm and go with the flow with'll have to teach me how! Nice work Baylor!

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