Thursday, June 11, 2009


(step by step, picture by picture)
1st pic - Baylor was so excited and brave while waiting to get the hair cut. Once he climbed on the dinosaur chair to begin, this is what happened...

2nd pic - Still sad, saying "Mommy, hold me..." while crying and getting his hair cut.

pic 3 - Snip, snip, trim, trim. "Mommy, hold me..." sniff.

pic 4 - Finished. Still sad. But cute. Trying to smile for mama.

pic 5 - Real smile. ALL DONE! Time to go for a lime slushie and lunch with just mama! Yay!


Delaney Joylynn said...

Aww Baylor BOO you look like such a big boy now!

Annie :) said...


BuckeyeBundle said...

too cute, even through the tears!

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