Sunday, August 17, 2008


Sissy and B

Hamming it up for the camera

Showing you his teeth

Showing you her teeth


Family Reunion Fun

Visiting Friends! Alexis, Marie, Anna, Baylor, Me (Beth), Ava and Averie!!

Alexis with her eyes open!

Having story time!

Baylor during the story time

Parade & float time

Parade & float time


Swinging at the Park-O-Rama (after the parade and lunch)

Butterfly (fuff-fly Baylor says it)

Our Oasis
WOW! Summer is flying by- without me posting about it (oops...)! We have been doing so many fun things. We went camping twice. We've been playing outside, swimming, riding bikes, digging in the garden, playing with friends and cousins and grandma and grandpa, eating, cooking out, visiting friends and getting so BIG!! I can't believe how big and mature the kids are getting. Averie is always doing everything herself. She also is always disagreeing with whatever I choose for her. If I tell her she doesn't like spinach, she'll probably eat it and like it (I wish THAT were true)! But you get my drift. She loves to play with Baylor and be little Miss Boss. He loves to please her as well. She is riding her big bike (with training wheels) around very well. She is also getting good at coloring and drawing. Today for the first time she made a face with whiskers! Too cute! She still loves Thomas Choo-Choo but doesn't watch him on tv because she is very sensitive to the choo-choo faces (when they are sad-she gets sad etc.) So we don't watch "Tom" (as she chooses to call him sometimes) on tv (or any tv for that matter). We have been having tons of butterflies outside on our flowers (see pic above). One time we had 6 + butterflies on the flowers at once! It was amazing! We were in a parade for our church (pics of B and A above are from the float) and enjoyed that, we also have a town festival we went to in Aug. for the town I grew up in (10 minutes from here), the kids played, ate and crashed for a nap that day! Exhausting! Baylor, B-boy, Butta Boy, Buddy Boy, Butter, Buddy or B- is getting so big. He is not my baby anymore. He is Mr. Independent 99.9% of the time. He plays with Sissy all the time. They make choo-choos (line all the chairs in the house up in a line) and make food and play in the Thomas House and dress up (check out their new dress shoes in the pic above). They love to push (B pushes blanket and Manny) (A pushes her Doodlebops) strollers and "go to the store." They were also very in to Play-Doh for a brief time. I bet that'll be a favorite cold weather activity! We also have two toys/activities that I've had saved for a few months that will come out soon. Once the warm weather starts cooling off! The kids are at a great age this summer. It's both good and bad! They are flexible enough to stay up later, go out and about later and even (rarely) skip naps. The bad is that we sometimes take advantage of that and they pay later (and get whiny and needy and grumpy), which means we pay later. But as the summer fades into fall, we're working on getting back into a routine of pre-school and staying home more which will help with the transition into school time and less busy-running around time. I am looking forward to less busy days/evenings, more time sitting out back in our oasis enjoying the kids playing and even eventually putting on a jacket...maybe we'll finally buy that fire ring we've been meaning to buy all summer! Ha! Enjoy the pics! Hope everyone is well!

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