Monday, July 07, 2008


The girls...



Delaney and Averie loving their balloon hats.

The boys...

That was July 3rd's fireworks. We met up with Aunt Shannon, Delaney, Aunt Shawna, Uncle Travis, Jayde and Jett. And many other friends. Daddy had to work so off we went for fireworks, a bouncy house (I didn't get any good pics of that...but all 5 children went in it at once) and dancing.

Below are pics from an annual party we go to on the 4th. We had awesome food, friends, fireworks and so much fun!!! And I got some neat pictures of the sunset. None of them are altered in any way. So pretty!

Daddy and his girl


Mama and her boy

Mama and her kids (pretty sunset)

The sky

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