Saturday, June 16, 2007


Loves his squash!

Silly girl!

After surgery, see the boo boo hand...

Boo boo neck. I haven't seen the incisions yet. The bandage will be on for 7 days. Or longer b/c I am not pulling it off. It will be there til it falls off on it's own! Maybe it will start to loosen today b/c he is getting a bath, finally! It isn't bothering him at all, the clear thing over the little bandages is very flexible so he probably doesn't really notice it. The little purple blob is from a skin marker. I had to mark what side they needed to do the surgery on with my initials.

Yes, the big boy on his knees. He does this ALL THE TIME now. And has even scooted backwards. OH goodness, someone will be crawling soon!!!!!

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