Sunday, February 04, 2007


They both had their ducks on the other night for bed so they sat in Averie's chair for a picture!

We've had a pretty calm weekend...Target on Saturday, for diapers and lunch. Then as we're heading outside from Target, we realize that the snow is blowing sideways. I had to turn around and head back inside because Baylor's blanket was blowing (I couldn't hold it, his seat and push the cart). So good thing I gave Matt one of Baylor's blankets for over Averie's head because they braved the crazy wind (and cold and snow) and brought the car around! That was our adventure for we went to church and lunch up town and now we're home for the night! We are having football food for dinner- meatballs, lil' weiners, subs, veggie's with dip, chips with salsa and brownies if I get around to making them. Not that I'll splurge...ok, maybe a little! Well, I will try to get a few pics tonight during the Superbowl of the kids, since it is Baylor's 4 month b-day and it's been a couple of days since I took pictures!

We also can't go outside to play because all the snow blew away and it is ridiculously cold and the field across the street brought dirt everywhere in place of the snow. It is absolutely gross in our yard. But we did get a good deal on a snowsuit for Once Upon A Child, we got a L.L. Bean, 3T, pink snowsuit with a polar bear on it for $12. It looks like it was washed maybe 2 times. Very good find!!

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Michelle said...

I get so excited everytime you put up new pictures! They look adorable, of course. It's been very cold here, but no snow. We went to the harvard hockey game last night. it was pretty fun. happy birthday baylor! i can't believe it. i remember you telling me you were pregnant. tj maxx! miss you

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