Monday, October 23, 2006


Averie at Mama's Dr. on Thursday. Just hanging out while I fed Baylor.

Check out Averie's winter mittens, boots and hat! She was sporting them already!

Baylor did not like his first tub bath. NOT AT ALL! :o(

Here he is afterwards, a little better, but still a concerned look on his face!

I'll take some more pics tomorrow, I need some updated ones! :o)

Things have been going well! We had a busy weekend...but the week should be pretty calm. And daddy works this coming weekend, so we'll be pretty lazy all weekend, that will be nice. Maybe mama will take a nap or two! Let's hope! Well, I am getting pretty tired all of the sudden here, so I may head off to bed after I have a quick snack! More pics to come, hopefully tomorrow!

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Michelle said...

make sure you take time to nap when you need it. i know it's hard when you think of all the things you could be doing instead, but you deserve it!
thanks for the new pics! can't wait for more. averie looks so big! i need to see her in her star jacket =)

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